Three H2020 funded projects in the field of TB vaccine research & development, TBVAC2020, EMI-TB and STriTuVad, organise a joint workshop on 8 October 2019 in Brussels “Maintaining European scientific excellence and global leadership in TB Vaccine R&D”, the Impact of 3 EU funded TB vaccine Research and Innovation projects on the global TB vaccine pipeline.

This meeting brings together scientists, policy makers, funders and other key stakeholders in TB vaccine research and innovation (R&I). The results and impact of three H2020 TB projects (TBVAC2020, EMI-TB and Strituvad) on the TB vaccine field and the TB vaccine pipeline will be presented. Meeting participants will be asked to contribute to priority policy relevant recommendations as to how the collaborative research effort that underpins these results, can be taken forward in the next two years and imbedded in FP9.

For further information please visit the TuBerculosis Vaccine Initiative's site.

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The meeting, hosted by Prof. Francesco Dieli and his team was an opportunity to review our progress in mucosal TB vaccine research and define future priorities. 

The 3rd annual meeting of the EMI-TB project was held in Vigo, hosted by Africa Gonzalez-Fernandez and her team.

Several important milestones were acheived, and the meeting was a excellent opportunity to plan for the future as our project enters the next phase of delivery.

A public summary of the meeting will be available soon.

Dr Moisés López-González has joined the Fernandez group at Stockholm University as a postdoctoral scientist with funding from the EMI-TB project.

Moisés was awarded a PhD in Molecular Biomedicine in 2014 from the Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute (CINVESTAV) in Mexico City, for his thesis on innate immunity against Dengue virus infection. His next step was a postdoc at the Pasteur Institute in Paris where he studied the NK cell response against HIV infection. In his new role at SU, Moisés will study innate immunity in the respiratory tract.


Prof. África González Fernández, who leads the EMI-TB workpackage on biomarkers, was one of 12 women shortlisted for the prestigious EU Prize for Women Innovators. A short video introducing her research on nanomaterials in immunological applications is available on Youtube, and more information can be found on her company's website.