Dr Moisés López-González has joined the Fernandez group at Stockholm University as a postdoctoral scientist with funding from the EMI-TB project.

Moisés was awarded a PhD in Molecular Biomedicine in 2014 from the Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute (CINVESTAV) in Mexico City, for his thesis on innate immunity against Dengue virus infection. His next step was a postdoc at the Pasteur Institute in Paris where he studied the NK cell response against HIV infection. In his new role at SU, Moisés will study innate immunity in the respiratory tract.

Dr Cristina Vilaplana has a PhD position available at the Unitat de Tuberculosi Experimental, part of the Fundació Insitut d'Investigació en Ciències de la Salut Germans Trias i Pujol (IGTP) in Catalonia. The project will be in tuberculosis health sciences, but with multidisciplinerary aspects including immunology, social sciences, psychology and medicine and would suit applicants with a medical background although this is not essential. For further details, see project's page on the UTE's website at https://unitatdetuberculosiexperimental.wordpress.com/2017/01/17/phd-position-do-you-want-to-work-with-us/

Dr Barry WalkerEMI-TB is pleased to announce that Dr. Barry Walker is joining the project as a member of the scientific advisory panel. With over 20 years of experience in clinical and applied research focused on infectious diseases and vaccines, particularly tuberculosis, Dr. Walker has an impressive background in vaccine development and a successful track record supporting vaccine candidates moving from the bench to the clinic.

For over 20 years, Dr. Walker has been a Principal Scientist and Principal Investigator at the National Institute of Biological Standards and Control in London, where he helped facilitate and promote advancement of potential TB vaccines along the product development pathway, successfully supporting preclinical development to Phase I clinical studies. Dr. Walker also served as a core member of the Product Development Team within the TuBerculosis Vaccine Initiative (TBVI), providing regulatory advice and recommendations to vaccine developers and manufacturers.

Dr. Walker worked previously as a scientist at the Leprosy and Mycobacterial Research Laboratories at the National Institute of Medical Research in London and as the Senior Research Officer at the Department of Bacteriology at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School at the Hammersmith Hospital, in London. He earned his B.Sc. and PhD. at the University of Western Australia in Perth, Australia.

HTDr Harry Thangaraj joins EMI-TB as project IP manager. Dr Thangaraj has extensive experience in the managment of IP generated from collaborative academic projects, having previously worked on the EU FP6 'Pharma-Planta' action and co-ordinated the FP7 'Access to Pharmaceuticals' project. He has a particular interest in the responsible management of IP to ensure the benefits of an invention are not restricted to wealthy countries and individuals and are instead available where need exists. 


EMI-TB co-ordinator, Dr Rajko Reljic, said "Harry's role will greatly facilitate management of any future IP that may be generated in this project. The appointment of an IP manager will help ensure that EMI-TB is able to take advantage of IP commercialisation opportunities while upholding and promoting the principles of Socially Responsible Licensing."

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The consortium is pleased to announce that Dr Kris Huygen, Head of Immunology at the Belgian Scientific Institute for Public Health, has agreed to act as Scientific Advisor for the EMI-TB action.

Dr Kris Huygen has had an active research interest in TB immunology and vaccine development for over 20 years, and during that time she has made seminal contributions to the field, including pioneering DNA vaccination approaches and characterising the immune response to the Mtb Ag85 antigens. As Scientific Advisor, Dr Huygen will take an active part in directing the efforts of the EMI-TB consortium.